Awaken Awareness Within


Inquiry: To uncover unconscious assumptions and beliefs which disturb one's well-being; to investigate if they are true; to call forth an already-existing clarity within; to allow the "clouds" of disturbing beliefs to dissolve.  Awareness shines again as love, harmony and peace. This peace will handle many things, and inspire effective action as needed.

Inquiry is a process which uses highly effective, precise questions that do not settle for "factual" answers, but rather demand answers in accordance with Reality.  Effective inquiry also needs a willingness to to be led into Great Silence--the silence of pure Awareness / Consciousness. 

Awareness, or Consciousness, is the silent power which runs the entire universe. It animates and makes possible all things visible and invisible. Planets spin in their orbits, galaxies rotate through the cosmos in perfect order, without chaos or confusion--never making a sound! Pure, silent power.

Awareness is Life itself. The One Life which is living everything.

The One Life which is being alive, without beginning and without end.

Yet, most of us ignore or don't realize the mysterious reality of Life Itself. Most of us have been conditioned to give all our attention and all value to thoughts, thinking, intellectualism, emotions, and sensations; to images, and perceptions: all mere passing objects in the light of awareness.

While we ignore or devalue Life Itself--unchanging,  stable and vibrantly alive- the source of all momentary life forms, we can never know real happiness.

For happiness, the most significant thing that can happen to you is to discover  What is Aware?

This opens the door to an entirely new reality.



What if you became interested in What is aware? What if you could no longer be an automatic answering machine to every thought which appears in your consciousness? What if you refused to be a mere puppet to every emotion which enters your "field"? What if you started being interested in What is aware,  more interested in that than in the "usual  suspects"--repetitive thoughts, mechanical emotions, memorized images?

Inquiry is the invitation to discover what happens when you choose to pay attention to the one thing that is always alive, ever-present and vastly intelligent.

You are the one, and the power is within you, released through inquiry and silence, that can set you free. --Byron Katie

Inquiry is a tool which invites light of awareness to shine in one's life experience.

Thinking outside the box—and then getting even outside of thinking. That is what this open, pure Awareness is.
Notice any thinking that tries to object to this. It might, because it means thinking no longer is the only game in town.--Peter Francis Dziuban (Simply Notice)