I offer inquiry to anyone with a strong desire to go beyond accepted, limited (and limiting) belief systems.

Inquiry is the art of identifying precisely where one is going along with whatever the mind presents as “true” and real; and then to question the validity of these presentations. Inquiry is to be led Into Great Silence—to awaken awareness within. Awareness is the often ignored or overlooked Intelligence beyond the thinking process, beyond “the mind.” This is where the Truth resides.

You are the one, and the power is within you, released through inquiry and silence, that can set you free. –Byron Katie

Why does inquiry awaken the power and the Intelligence which sets you free from limiting beliefs? Why can’t one just “figure it out” with the usual thinking process?

Because the thinking process (the mind) is an object. It is a “thing” you can see, hear, analyze, look at and investigate. As an object, the thought process is limited. Take the example of being fired from your job. The usual thought process in this situation is that this is terrible. And that reactivity is normal and necessary. Yet, as you observe, as you impersonally assess, you see several reasons why this should have happened.

This impersonal seeing is similar to looking through a keyhole where at first, you see only a very limited view. You see only the picture of you losing your job. And as you become still, non-reactive and interested, the bigger picture is revealed.Your consciousness expands and you see a different picture–for example, the things you did or failed to do, and how it is fair that you were fired. As your consciousness widens, you see also that if this has not happened, you would have been in an accident at work and lost your physical life. As you keep looking you will see that you are not the body, that what you are never dies, that there is no death and that Life has no beginning or ending.

Inquiry awakens the power and Intelligence within, which reveals the whole picture to the mind that has become still.