Awaken Awareness Within


I offer inquiry to anyone with a strong desire to go beyond conditioned beliefs and false assumptions, which cause a negative, unnatural, unhappy life experience.

Inquiry is the art of identifying what is supposedly true and then to find out what is really true—the Truth.

Inquiry is to be led Into Great Silence—to awaken awareness within.

Awareness is the usually ignored or overlooked Intelligence beyond the thinking process, beyond “the mind.”

It is a living presence: Alive, awake, perpetually aware. Relaxed, serene, spacious and vibrantly alive.

This Living presence is absolutely imperturbable.

It is Life itself. The One Life which is living everything.

The One Life which is being alive.

No thought is alive. Every thought is a temporary arising which “says” something,

And the only way any thought can be experienced, is because of a pre-existing Awareness.

Something is always “on the job” and present, before during and after every arising.

It is Life, or Awareness, which is “on the job” at all times.

Only awareness is aware. Only Awareness knows how to be alive. Only Awareness can know the truth about anything, because it is the truth about everything.

Awareness is the Life which makes all thinking-ness, feeling-ness, living-ness possible.

What if you started paying frequent and interested attention to this aware, tranquil aliveness? More attention to that, than to agitated thoughts, emotions and perceptions? See what happens when you choose to pay attention to the one thing that never leaves you.

You are the one, and the power is within you, released through inquiry and silence, that can set you free. --Byron Katie

Inquiry is a tool which invites light of awareness to shine in one's life experience.

Thinking outside the box—and then getting even outside of thinking. That is what this open, pure Awareness is.
Notice any thinking that tries to object to this. It might, because it means thinking no longer is the only game in town.--Peter Francis Dziuban (Simply Notice)