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How Private Coaching Sessions Can Help You

One-on-one inquiry has helped many people just like you find freedom from suffering in these areas: test

Emotional pain Self-judgments Health and body issues
Fear and Anxiety Obsession Money and work issues
Depression Relationship conflicts Spiritual challenges
Addiction Grief Many other issues






Here's how it works: First, identify the issue or challenge you want help with. (I can help you identify this, if needed.)

Please feel free to contact me for a free 30 minute  exploratory conversation before we schedule a session. We can establish which approach best suits your needs to begin with—The Living Inquiries, The Work or The Insight Approach.

If we both feel good about working together, we'll set our first session.

Complete your payment via the Payment page. Fees are listed there.
If you are truly experiencing financial hardship, we can talk about a sliding scale. Contact me to discuss.

We then meet for our session at the appointed time, either in person, via telephone or by Skype. (Skype sessions are recorded and can be sent to you upon request. Skype sessions are  also video friendly.) 
Allow 60-75 mins for each session.

I’ve worked with people who find the clarity they need to handle their challenge in a just a few sessions. More often, it takes ongoing inner work to resolve persistent issues and challenges. I am here to support you whatever your needs are.

Coaching Plans:

  • Single Session


  • 5-Session Series


  • 30-Day 911! Awareness Course
    Description: If you are experiencing a spiritual or material crises, I am happy to meet  daily for 30 days (Over a period of 30-40 days)  to support you. I know how challenging a crises can feel. I've been there! 

Over the years, I have been supported by many amazing facilitators in The Work, The Living Inquiries, The Sedona Method, and Pain-Body Release. I've been held and supported through a life-threatening addiction, a 16-month period of insomnia, suicidal depression, loss of a relationship, loss of livelihood and isolation and loneliness.
Just knowing that someone is available to hold the space for you, to meet you "In the field," someone who does not judge you, has no expectations of you and who supports your desire for freedom from suffering, can be immensely helpful.

This Course takes place by daily Skype or phone meetings. (video optional.) As well, if you live nearby, we can meet face to face on some of the days if that is something that appeals to you.

In addition to your daily session with me, you receive one daily "no-delay" Skype or phone meeting for  15-30 minutes. You can use these 'no-delay' calls to simply check in and report any shifts, ask any questions, or for extra assistance  when something arises that "argues" with the clarity you find in our regular daily sessions. Some people just find these check-ins invaluable at bedtime or upon waking up in the morning. Establishing a powerful field of Presence at these times has a carry-over effect.

Please contact me to discuss scheduling options or to discuss your particular challenge.

"Out beyond mere ideas
of right and wrong,
There is a field.
I will meet you there."---Rumi


"I have been doing the Work since 2004 and have worked with and facilitated many people. Of everyone that I have worked with or discussed the work with, no one has ever been able to frame the concepts and basic truths as eloquently, simply and beautifully as you did today with me on the phone. Your insight into our innocence is astounding. Thank you for your incredible ability to listen and hear and accept, your brilliantly simple communication, and that you inhabit your insights."  --SJ

"The reason the Whole Truth can be found within you is because you
are both the specific and a complete expression of the Whole Truth." ---Vernon Howard

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