Teleclass: The Work and EIQ

(Emotional Intelligence Through Inquiry)

The Work of Byron Katie is all about finding your inner wisdom. In this class, you will discover how to access this inner wisdom or Intelligence any time there is emotional reactivity; and, how to inquire anytime you question “Is it true?” and the answer is, “But it feels true!”

You can discover and nurture the power of your Inner Intelligence. How?

Each time you identify the reactive emotion triggered by believing a thought, this is an opportunity and invitation to call forth the Intelligence which observes, allows and receives any emotional pressure and resolves it into Itself. In this way, you gradually discover that emotional pressure is not arising to torture you, but rather, an invitation and a gift. The emotion is arising so you can prove to yourself that you are not at the mercy of your mind: the mind which says, "This feeling is unbearable," or "This feeling will kill you."

 Each time you experience the truth, that only the agitation or contraction dies, you taste freedom. Each time you face the emotion by being still in the questions, your nervous system grows in capacity to be still, to be present.

As well, when emotions lose their threat or dissolve, the sense of “me”, the identity wrapped up in the emotional reaction, loses power or dissolves completely.

Come and free yourself from the compulsion to avoid, resist, control, medicate or manipulate your emotions. Find how  “Everything is for you,”—even emotions that your thinking says are “unbearable.”

Section A: 6 Thursdays, 6pm to 7:30pm May 25th -- June 29th, 2017
Section B: 6 Saturdays, 9am to 10:30am May 27 -- July 1, 2017

Tuition: $349, includes 6 meetings, 3 private sessions with Elizabeth ($375 value), Facebook class forum, email support with Elizabeth during the 6 weeks. Early bird (pay in full by May 10th) tuition is $299.


Go to the Contact  page and complete the form. In the message field, insert "Register for The 911 Emotions Teleclass Section A."  (Or Section B)

Next, use this link to make your payment: Enter the amount ($349 or $299.) 

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