Emotional Intelligence and Inquiry: The Work and EIQ


When you ask, “Is it true?” if your answer is often, “No, but it feels true!” then this class is for you. As well, if you are subject to repetitive emotional reactions (anger, fear, depression, craving, anxiety) over “nothing,” then let’s find out “Who is reacting?”

You can discover and increase your capacity to weather any emotional storm.
What is already fearless within you? Each time you experience fear (or any other disturbing emotion) then see what happens when the thought which triggers fear, is seen to be a lie.

Conversely, if an emotion seems to arise and you can't identify the specific belief, see what happens when the implied threat of the emotion is experienced and revealed to be a lie! Learn how to discover in your actual experience, that all emotion is just energy without any power to make you believe anything or make you react.

Through inquiry, you call forth the Intelligence which observes, allows and receives any emotional pressure and resolves it into Itself. In this way, you gradually discover that emotional pressure is not arising to torture you, but rather, an invitation and a gift. The emotion is arising so you can prove to yourself that you are not at the mercy of your mind: the mind which says, "This feeling is unbearable," or "This feeling will kill you."

Each time you experience your True capacity to weather emotions, your nervous system grows in capacity to be still; your ability to be still steadily increases. Stillness is the key to effective inquiry.

Come and free yourself from the compulsion to avoid, resist, control, medicate or manipulate your emotions. Find how “Everything is for you,”—even emotions which your thinking says are “unbearable.”
Here are some specific topics we will explore:

1. I AM angry (afraid, upset, depressed) is it true? Let’s find proof, if we can, of “I” who IS angry, afraid, depressed.
2. What is underneath the compulsion to blame outwardly for our own internal experience? Identifying the emotional signature.
3. What happens—when we believe thought? Is this about now, or is there an historical impact?
4. Who would you be without the story, I am a container of thoughts and feelings?
5. Uncovering the nature of thought—why do we invest in thoughts which bring only misery? Why does the investment seem so compelling?
6. “I don't ever want to feel ____” Dealing with resistance.

Section A: 6 Thursdays,  6pm to 7:30pm PT  January 4th -- February 8th, 2018 

Section B: 6 Sundays, 9am--1030am PT, January 7th  -- February 11th, 2018

Tuition: $349, includes 6 meetings, 3 private sessions with Elizabeth (a $375 value), Facebook class forum, email support with Elizabeth during the 6 weeks. Early bird (pay in full by December 21st, 2017) and tuition is $299.


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Teleclass: Sacred Relationship: Find the Love of Your Life



Are you exploring online dating? Or already partnered or married? Or simply longing for the love of your life?

When we indulge or invest in thoughts which say, “Not this one,” or “He / she should be different,” we prevent the love our life from showing up here and now! Could it be that your Angel is already by your side?

With Inquiry, we will identify the seeming threats or holdbacks that keep you from loving the one you are with. (Or the one you just rejected or divorced.)

What if these “reasons” to not fully love someone, are reasons you adopted long, long before you ever met “this one”? Before you met this one, did you ever in your life before--experience disappointment, negative judgments, resentment, anxiety, jealousy or fear? Before this one, were you ever attacked by self-judgment, hateful thoughts, possessive thoughts, unloving thoughts?

Or did all these negativities just get born now, when you are with this one?

In other words, is the threat in the situation itself, or in a conditioned, memorized, mindset--almost as if you're married to a mindset plus feeling-reactions?

To find your Angel, get divorced FIRST! Divorce your past beliefs and emotional reactions!

Maybe finding your Angel partner –or solving any persistent life challenge—would be an absolute breeze, if you divorced the current really, really bad partner you unwittingly have: The conditioned, memorized mindset which gives you such suggestions as, “Not this one,” or “They should change.”

I invite you to attend this lively, engaging, mind-blowing, heart-opening class to divorce your memorized mindset and resolve stressful feelings around the one you love or hope to love.

6 Mondays, 6pm to 7:30pm January 8th -- February 12, 2018 

Tuition: $349, includes 6 meetings, 3 private sessions with Elizabeth (a $375 value), Facebook class forum, email support with Elizabeth during the 6 weeks. Early bird (pay in full by December 21st, 2017) and tuition is $299.


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30-Day 911! Awareness Course 

Description: If you are experiencing a spiritual or material crises, I am happy to meet  daily for 30 days (Over a period of 30-40 days)  to support you. I know how challenging a crises can feel. I've been there! 

Over the years, I have been supported by many amazing facilitators in The Work, The Living Inquiries, The Sedona Method, and Pain-Body Release. I've been held and supported through a life-threatening addiction, a 16-month period of insomnia, suicidal depression, loss of a relationship, loss of livelihood and isolation and loneliness.

Just knowing that someone is available to hold the space for you, to meet you "In the field," someone who does not judge you, has no expectations of you and who supports your desire for freedom from suffering, can be immensely helpful.

This Course takes place by daily Skype or phone meetings. (video optional.) As well, if you live nearby, we can meet face to face on some or all of the days if that is something that appeals to you.

In addition to your daily session with me, you receive one daily "no-delay" Skype or phone meeting for  15-30 minutes. You can use these 'no-delay' calls to simply check in and report any shifts, ask any questions, or for extra assistance  when something arises that "argues" with the clarity you find in our regular daily sessions. Some people just find these check-ins invaluable at bedtime or upon waking up in the morning. Establishing a powerful field of Presence at these times has a carry-over effect.

TUITION: $4400

Please contact me to discuss scheduling options or to discuss your particular challenge.

"Out beyond mere ideas
of right and wrong,
There is a field.
I will meet you there."---Rumi


"I have been doing the Work since 2004 and have worked with and facilitated many people. Of everyone that I have worked with or discussed the work with, no one has ever been able to frame the concepts and basic truths as eloquently, simply and beautifully as you did today with me on the phone. Your insight into our innocence is astounding. Thank you for your incredible ability to listen and hear and accept, your brilliantly simple communication, and that you inhabit your insights."  --SJ

"The reason the Whole Truth can be found within you is because you
are both the specific and a complete expression of the Whole Truth." ---Vernon Howard

Online Dating: “HELP!” Who you gonna call?