Emotional Intelligence and Inquiry: The Work and EIQ

The Work is an opportunity to wake up to what we’re believing; then we access inner wisdom to discern, “Is this belief true?” Even if it feels true, what does inner wisdom say?

The power to discern comes from being still—to let the mind ask the inquiry questions, but to not let the mind answer. It's the conditioned mind which answers, “It feels true!”  We can recognize the tendency to refer to feelings or emotions for what is Truth, and we can dissolve this tendency. How?

Simple: We break the spell of involving, investing, indulging or identifying with well-worn emotions. Simple---but not easy. For example, it's not that hard to recognize the lie, the unreality, in this belief: “People should accept me as I am;” but even as we recognize the truth, the familiar, much-invested in feelings of hurt, grief, anger or fear may still vibrate in the body. There seems to be a compelling reason to involve with these energies—and involvement occurs in many ways: any form of sedating, controlling or manipulating.

In this class, we'll discover how to break the spell of involvement. We will learn how to recognize, acknowledge, face, feel and allow—yet without any personal involvement. In this way, the well-worn, habitually involved-with energies unfreeze, come to a peak, and resolve themselves out of the system.

Gradually, as you recover your innate capacity to weather any emotional storm, you'll break the tendency to judge “out there,” in an attempt to control the emotional experience “in here.” The need to control disappears, once you recognize yourself as the sky, not the storm,

Each time you experience your True capacity to weather emotions and break their spell, your nervous system grows in capacity to be still; your ability to be still steadily increases. This, then is the ultimate gift in triggered emotions. They will not be solved by “fixing” something or someone out there---they only resolve as you recover your innate capacity as the ever-present, listening consciousness. They occur as worthy adversaries, to help you awaken the sleeping giant of awareness, within.

Here are some specific topics we will explore together in this class:

  1. The difference between “I am _________,” and “A feeling of __________is happening.”


  1. The look, the tone and the body language: What assumptions did you take on in childhood?


  1. The Tail-Ender to any “should” statement: Identifying motive in your JYN statements.


  1. Weathering the storm: How can I be willing and look forward to experiencing an intense emotion?


  1. How to reliably find What Is always okay—and let this grow.


  1. Identifying the emotional signature (historical trigger), the mental movie and moment of impact.



Section A: 6 Thursdays,  6pm to 7:30pm PT  January 4th -- February 8th, 2018 

Section B: 6 Sundays, 9am--1030am PT, January 7th  -- February 11th, 2018

Tuition: $349, includes 6 meetings, 3 private sessions with Elizabeth (a $375 value), Facebook class forum, email support with Elizabeth during the 6 weeks. Early bird (pay in full by December 21st, 2017) and tuition is $299.


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Sacred Relationship: Find the Love of Your Life



The most common cause of broken relationships is the inability to face and resolve hurt feelings.


However, if someone hurts your feelings by criticizing or insulting you, there is a golden opportunity.  The opportunity is to discover an innate capacity to allow that experience rather than reacting or retaliating; as you discover and cultivate this capacity, deep transformation occurs.


It is only our conditioning which has prevented us from discovering this capacity. Our conditioning is, “When my stuff gets triggered (hurt, anger, grief, fear, disappointment), then I have no choice but to react!” Even stronger conditioning dictates, “I must prevent my stuff from being triggered at all costs.” (Even if the cost is breaking a relationship.)


Other way’s we've been conditioned: We think “our stuff” is the same as “our self,” but this is only a self-image or idea of myself. Unless we see and undo this, when someone opposes a self-image, an idea we have of ourselves, we will be compelled to punish, retaliate, to be right, to win some kind of superiority, to justify and defend our point of view against their point of view.


Everyone is doing it, so it's assumed to be It is normal. It may be normal, but it is not natural. Because broken relationships, war between lovers or in families is not natural. Living life as an idea of a someone, encased in a hard shell of separation (supposed to protect the idea of a someone,) prevents the experience of Oneness: One with my beloved partner, and One with all of Life.


Once we are willing to give up the hard shell of separation--here a little, there a little, one belief at a time—then the space on the inside merges with the unlimited space of consciousness on the “outside.” Actual experience of Oneness unfolds without effort.


There is nothing better than relationship, to reveal precisely what programs and conditioning make up the hard shell of separation. Because when your relationship partner attacks or threatens a programmed, learned self-image, that is the golden opportunity to refuse the program; the God-given moment to surrender your stuff, instead of holding on to it.


Each time you surrender, it's like pressing the “Uninstall” button on a malfunctioning program. You can expect the program itself to flash a warning, “Are you SURE you want to uninstall?” But you will say, “Yes, uninstall.” Because then an opening occurs within you, and reveals something of your true nature. A hint, a glimpse, a glimmer.


Relationship, when consciously used to reveal and let go your programs, is Sacred Relationship.


Self-inquiry is the way we become conscious of our programs, and cultivate our capacity to let them go.


 Here are some programs we will explore, using the One-Belief-at-a-Time Worksheet


  • Argument: Knowing how to yield / discerning when to be firm.
  • Love or Emotionality: Wanting approval / avoiding disapproval; I don't want to feel______ / I am entitled to feel______.
  • Equality: I don't want you to parent me / historical impact of emotions.
  • Disagreement: “Something’s gotta give!”—and it's them, not me.
  • Silent Treatment vs. True Silence: Transforming the tendency to Justify, defend, explain.
  • Transformation: Conscious Journaling to support the miracle to unfold.

6 Tuesdays, 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m, February 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, March 6th and 13th, 2018 

Tuition: $349, includes 6 meetings, 1 private sessions with Elizabeth ( $125 value), Facebook class forum, email support with Elizabeth during the 6 weeks. Early bird (pay in full by January 10th, 2018) tuition is $299.


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30-Day 911! Awareness Course 

Description: If you are experiencing a spiritual or material crises, I am happy to meet  daily for 30 days (Over a period of 30-40 days)  to support you. I know how challenging a crises can feel. I've been there! 

Over the years, I have been supported by many amazing facilitators in The Work, The Living Inquiries, The Sedona Method, and Pain-Body Release. I've been held and supported through a life-threatening addiction, a 16-month period of insomnia, suicidal depression, loss of a relationship, loss of livelihood and isolation and loneliness.

Just knowing that someone is available to hold the space for you, to meet you "In the field," someone who does not judge you, has no expectations of you and who supports your desire for freedom from suffering, can be immensely helpful.

This Course takes place by daily Skype or phone meetings. (video optional.) As well, if you live nearby, we can meet face to face on some or all of the days if that is something that appeals to you.

In addition to your daily session with me, you receive one daily "no-delay" Skype or phone meeting for  15-30 minutes. You can use these 'no-delay' calls to simply check in and report any shifts, ask any questions, or for extra assistance  when something arises that "argues" with the clarity you find in our regular daily sessions. Some people just find these check-ins invaluable at bedtime or upon waking up in the morning. Establishing a powerful field of Presence at these times has a carry-over effect.

TUITION: $4400

Please contact me to discuss scheduling options or to discuss your particular challenge.

"Out beyond mere ideas
of right and wrong,
There is a field.
I will meet you there."---Rumi


"I have been doing the Work since 2004 and have worked with and facilitated many people. Of everyone that I have worked with or discussed the work with, no one has ever been able to frame the concepts and basic truths as eloquently, simply and beautifully as you did today with me on the phone. Your insight into our innocence is astounding. Thank you for your incredible ability to listen and hear and accept, your brilliantly simple communication, and that you inhabit your insights."  --SJ

"The reason the Whole Truth can be found within you is because you
are both the specific and a complete expression of the Whole Truth." ---Vernon Howard

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