The Insight Approach

THE PROBLEM:  WHAT IS ALWAYS SAYING, "Not this, not this!"?

The normal approach to problems, is to try and solve them by thinking. Yet as Albert Einstein said, "You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”

For example, let's say the problem is being stuck in traffic. The mind, in its normal state is an amazing tool to solve the being-in-traffic situation. It knows who to call, and how to operate the phone, if there is one. It knows how to establish calm, how to instantly calculate the situation as not being any real threat. It registers countless bytes of data, and concludes, "All is well."

However, in that same situation, the distorted, conditioned mind--conditioned to operate on behalf of a a "person" who is autonomous, separate from the whole, and possessing a private, individual consciousness--will go ballistic. And attempt to take you with it, and before you know it, you may be in a violent or even life-threatening situation. 

This is because the distorted mind  interprets the situation in reference to the imagined person described above: a someone who lives in a world of other "separate someones" competing with them, for 'limited" resources and limited happiness, struggling for survival, 


Inquiry is a way to clear the mind and return it to its normal functioning as a problem-solver without the personal bias--personal being the distortion. Inquiry brings Awareness, and Awareness is the clearing agent of the person-based, biased mind.

With investigation, we become aware of mental positions we have taken, most of them before we learned language or were able to reason; most of them handed down for generations and operating like programs which we "forgot" we let be installed!

• "I want" or "I don't want;"
• "I like" or "I don't like;"
• "I'm right and you are wrong;"
• "This shouldn't be happening”
• “Something else should be happening.”
• "It's not fair!"

When these mental positions are seen to be just interpretations, habitual thoughts with no relation to reality, and as being the cause of conflict and unhappiness, they are immediately (or eventually) dropped or not invested in. The automatic, conditioned thinking process becomes weaker and weaker, because awareness—which has complete freedom to choose which thoughts to invest in and which to dismiss—begins to wake up.  It wakes its power to  consciously discern and invest (or refuse to invest.)

This is a clearing process. 

Both The Work of Byron Katie and The Living Inquiries are effective clearing processes. 


As one undertakes a clearing process, resistance arises sooner or later.  It may be mild or strong. The resistance is due to the feeling of me in the body, which tends to be much deeper and persistent than mental beliefs. The me-sense which has been present since childhood as the feeling-energy of hurt, disappointment, and so on--experienced as clench, brace, sink, shock, crush--is what triggers or re-triggers  "programs"  over and over. The programs are to "think" and "do" something (anything!) to solve the uncomfortable energies. 

These are unfinished emotional business, and can be "finished" effectively by developing the presence and awareness to coax them into the light of awareness, and give up any attempt to think, do, manage, control or sedate them. This aspect of self-inquiry is a profound and sometimes uncomfortable clearing process, and it is radically more effective when one invokes a confirming process.


The Insight Approach is a blend of The Work and The Living Inquiries and works as both a clearing and confirming process. 

We begin by establishing what is causing suffering, and can be cleared.  We then confirm at the outset, "What is the one element of this discomfort which is aware. effortlessly aware, and not suffering?" We "catch up to Reality" at the outset, and from there, we clear the conditioned programs which seem to pull our consciousness into the mode of personal identification. 

Throughout the clearing process, we confirm again and again, What is True and Real. 

I will hold the space and presence for you as you identify and clear any emotional signature--unfinished emotional business which are functioning as  energy--energy not in motion, but rather,  frozen into an identity.

In this way, unfinished emotional business is a gift which helps you become established in your Real Identity.

You can read transcripts of actual sessions which demonstrate The Work, The Living Inquiries and The Insight Approach in my Inquiry Blog. As well, my forthcoming book, "Break the Spell of Person-hood: Transform Your Life from the Inside Out," contains many examples. 

Our session yesterday was so profound for me, I love the way you ask those amazing questions, and making the silence so accessible and obvious. Love and Gratitude. N.R.


You are learning how to separate out the observer—your consciousness—from the false in you. After enough practice, the false self is exposed and cannot stand alone and so vanishes.

The task is to remember to be conscious.

What counts is the number of times each minute, hour, day that you remember to separate. Not how long you hold each separation.

As we win the battle within ourselves, we win the battle of life without.—Barry Long