Awaken Awareness Within

Heaven, uninterrupted, unbroken peace and happiness, is within.

Finding Heaven within is the purpose of a spiritual path.

Contemplative self-inquiry is the Way.

"Heaven is not a place; it is a lofty level of psychic development.
Love is heaven. So is peace, understanding, compassion and tenderness.
Hell is also a psychic condition; one of ignorance and unawareness.
Hatred is hell. So is anger, arrogance, jealousy, competitiveness,
and especially fear. Heaven or hell are right now...as you well know.”
--Vernon Howard

Self-inquiry is a process of questioning thoughts which oppose peace and happiness.


 Self-inquiry is to invite a Power that knows the way, to reveal the truth about Life.


The revelation of Truth is what dissolves all unhappiness.


You are the one, and the power is within you, released through inquiry and silence, that can set you free. --Byron Katie


Self-inquiry is a tool which invites light of awareness to shine in one's life experience.


Thinking outside the box—and then getting even outside of thinking. That is what this open, pure Awareness is.
Notice any thinking that tries to object to this. It might, because it means thinking no longer is the only game in town.--Peter Francis Dziuban (Simply Notice)


"The reason the Whole Truth can be found within you is because you
                      are both the specific and a complete expression of the Whole Truth." ---Vernon Howard