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The Work and EIQ Level 1

Next teleclasses begin Sunday, Jan. 6 and Monday, Jan. 7, 2019

Section A:   6 Sundays,  11 a.m. --  12:30 p.m.  PT  Jan. 6  -- Feb. 10, 2019

Section B:   6 Mondays, 5 p.m.  --  6:30 p.m. PT   Jan. 7th -- Feb. 11, 2019

Tuition: $497, includes 6 Teleclass online meetings, 3 private sessions with Elizabeth, Facebook private group page, comprehensive class summaries, inspirations (movie clips, poetry, quotes).

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Finding one’s inner wisdom is the essence of The Work. For this, we have to learn how to be the Quietness—what Byron Katie calls, “The Presence that’s always with you.” What is EIQ?  EI (emotional intelligence) + IQ (Identify and Question) = EIQ.

The Work reveals the the truth of who and what you are, as fast as you are willing and able to: “Thoughts appear, feelings arise. But what am I?” Perhaps the most significant thing that can happen to you is to discover that you are already the Presence of Being; the one who witnesses thoughts and feelings, and also remains ever undisturbed. Just the physical sky is the presence in which all the weather occurs, but remains unchanged and undisturbed by passing weather, your Being is also un-disturbable. Inquiry awakens your capacity to believe your thoughts are your identity, or not.

You have the same freedom of choice regarding emotions. These are also inner weather, just like thoughts. . These, too, cannot compel you to involve with them or react mechanically. As you become more intelligent, you realize, “Why would I indulge in, or identify with negative emotions, since they bring only suffering? What good is it to pour my conscious attention into fear, anger or grief?”

In this teleclass, we'll identify and question chronic negative emotions, and discover the connection to chronic judgments. Once you  see clearly,, “I suffer because I think, and I think because I am using thoughts to try and solve feelings,” you’ll  see the futility of that strategy. Using mental strategies is like using kerosene to put out a fire. Instead, the solution is to withdraw the fuel of thinking and believing from emotions, and simply let the fire burn itself out—it’s the art of letting feelings have their life.

EIQ is to willingly and consciously “take the ride,” of letting feelings have their life.

“I had the thought ‘This [feeling] is going to kill me,’ and I heard, ‘Is it true?’ and noticed who I would be without the story and I took the ride, and what comes back every time is more powerful than the last. And what comes back is…. You know, I just invite you to die into love." ~Byron Katie

Gradually, as you learn how to “take the ride,” you'll dissolve the tendency to judge “out there,” in an attempt to control the emotional experience “in here.” Thus, chronic judgments and resentments vanish.

This is why emotional storms are worthy adversaries. They are a sure-fire way to awaken the sleeping giant of awareness within.

See the bottom of the page, for comments from recent Teleclass graduates.


Section A:   6 Sundays,  11 a.m. --  12:30 p.m.  PT  Jan. 6th  -- Feb. 10th, 2019

Section B:   6 Mondays, 5 p.m.  --  6:30 p.m. PT   Jan. 7th -- Feb. 11, 2019


Send email to indicating your interest in either Sunday or Monday class.

Use this link to schedule a free 10-30 minute initial conversation:

6-Week  The Work and EIQ Level 1 Teleclass $497

Payment by check: Contact me for the postal address.


Here are some comments from recent Telecourse Graduates:

"Best Course I've Ever Taken in the Institute for The Work"

Thank you for a great course.  I loved the homework, it was so helpful.  The exercises really speak to me deeply.  In fact, the whole course was very helpful to me, I think it's the best course I've ever taken in ITW, for sure.  Looking forward to Level 2." ---N.K.

"What I Knew has Got Down Into my Body"

I would like to share with Elizabeth and all participants the result of the work I did with Elizabeth in private session last week.
It was a long story of a 25 yearlong friendship interrupted with periods of quarrel; in spite of the many worksheets I did on this friend, the resentment i had never stopped; this time we entered through the feeling/energy and all its process.... Shortly after we finished the session I found that I could call her with a very clear voice and express what I intended without any bitterness nor resentment; we met as I asked her to solve the business which was on then; but the miracle for me is that I finally drop all expectation about this relationship, what I knew in my mind for a long time has got down in my body, she is as she is and i can't change her! Thanks.  --B.L.

"Marrying The Work and Mindfulness"

Thank YOU! The course was really beneficial and I see "your way" as marrying The Work and MFN [Mindfulness]. It has been extremely beneficial in my life to realise I can let my feelings have their life without having to shout at someone or some other violent act.  --J.B.

"Cathartic Shift"

I attended the Convention [Institute for The Work] and had a breakthrough moment of letting myself feel in my body a traumatic belief I have held most of my life. It was cathartic and a bit of an event for me and those there. I thank you for helping me feel safe in my body through the EIQ class.  --S.W.

"Willing to Feel Now"

What keeps me from being really open and willing and looking forward to my partner doing (x, y, z)  again, is that I believe I don't want to feel the feeling of diminishment again. Once questioned that, and having experienced the energy of diminishment without the story, it now feels much more possible to be willing to feel that again, and him to do x, y, z  again. Thank you to my partner for our great work together. --V.S.

"Authentic Direct Experience"

My experience with my partner (session 6 this evening) was the direct experience that I could indeed feel what I’d believed was too much. I could allow the energy of “unloved” live...I could feel the space of neutral kindness - that this is who I am with all the space to let the energy have its life. I actually felt the “I look forward to” feeling unloved- actually feeling the energy vs involving with thoughts about it. It was authentic. --N.P.

"One Hour = 20 Years Therapy"

My one hour session with you today was like 20 years of therapy." --J.M.

"Very Clear to Me"

Thank you Elizabeth for your writings. I appreciate them and use the to connect and guide me back. In particular the way you bring in the Tao and movies - it flows together to make something very clear to me. --S. G.

"Feelings CAN'T Hurt Me"

"I don’t ever want to feel worthless." When I let feelings to have their life, the worst what happened was experiencing the heat, pressure, tears. The belief that “I” has to be protected from worthlessness is not making sense anymore. The feelings CAN'T hurt me. The hurt happens when I surpress my feelings and criticize them as unacceptable. --R.C.

"THE Turning Point"

 My private session with Elizabeth was the turning point... not only of the course but “the turning point” period… -- D. L.

"This Work is so Liberating!"

Good morning. I posted my turnarounds a few days ago before I had finished the Tale-end inquiry as I wasn't sure what we were to post. I finished the inquiry this morning and did the turnarounds again, and I am blown away by how different the new turnarounds are! This work is so liberating! The difference in how I feel is amazing, there is SO MUCH SPACE around the belief and my experience through it. THANK YOU!—S.T.

"No Need to Hide Feelings Anymore"

Thank you to you fellow classmates and intrepid adventurers. I so value your openness and sincerity in class and sharing on Facebook your thoughts. I see the value of my body and its sensations after this class. No need to keep hiding them in my body anymore. --T. R.

"Many Parallels with Eckhart Tolle's 'Pain Body' "

There are many parallels of Elizabeth's approach to honoring and releasing negative energy with Eckhart Tolle's concept of the "Pain Body".  --G. S.

"Release from Old Stories"

This class was as challenging as it was rewarding and I feel lucky to have worked with my partner - her experience, kindness and encouragement was just invaluable. Elizabeth’s way of guidance through the denseness and lightness of my thoughts, energetic sensations and release from some very old stories of responsibility was a gift. I am also very appreciative to have been witness to others brave insights and experiences throughout the class thank you! --M.K.

"A New Life for Me"

I loved this class and got so very much out of it. I loved the private sessions with you Elizabeth where I got to experience the class work we had been learning as a client of yours with so much experience in this. 3 sessions really is a great idea to sit deeply in and learn the theory in class alongside practice.
I got to face some really painful thoughts I had been carrying.
I left our last session thinking "I can choose to engage in misery ...or not!". What an amazing insight! I don't even know how to think of myself now. When someone complains I wonder what I will think, say and do?? I have been one to sympathise with others to show them I care and I am really what! A new life for me after this class. --J. S.

"The Light Gets In"

I can now better understand that the labels, interpretations and judgments is what is bringing the sensations— crying, heat, tightness vs the actual situation. I had labeled these sensations as bad, unwanted, need to resist, escape etc., creating more tension and anxiety. Thanks to this class, I can find a softer, kinder place of noticing and allowing/accepting the sensations to flow through and out of my “body” versus shunning, labeling them with such rigidity, rejection, resistance and harshness. I have lived life in such a fearful, anxious controlling way to avoid any situations that might bring on my “bad” unacceptable weak feelings — it is so refreshing to see / feel that that I can find some rays of light — “there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”  Thank you!! --B. W.

"Extraordinary Inner Journey"

Thank you for this 6 weeks of extraordinary inner journey. -- M. I.

"Realize Now that I Have Choice"

Never was I able to realize that I have a choice as much… the that I have the option to drop involvement with emotions,  or that I can choose to keep it… --S. N.

"Profound Work"

Thank you everyone for this profound Work. I am so grateful to you all.   --F. A.

"Only One Label"

According to ACIM, there are only two emotions, Love and Fear. And only Love is real. Maybe all the mind-made labels are really referring to one only label, Fear, and not even Fear is real. --L.D.

"A Real Shift"

Working with everybody has been so helpful but tonight working with my partner, I noticed a real shift in the sensation--not a disappearing like the mind wants, but an opening and softness and tenderness with it. It is difficult to find words for it. I love that, when I stay with the sensations that I don't want to feel as the space WITHOUT the story, that the story disappears in that moment, and the person I can't forgive disappears with it. --M. P.

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Break the Spell of False Identity: The Me-Feeling and the Me-Thought--An Immersive Inquiry 

The Work and EIQ Level 2

Pre-requisite: completion of Level 1 or relevant foundation/experience in The Work


This 9-month Immersion series is a deep inquiry into “What am I?” Stressful thoughts about me and my life create me-feelings: inner disturbances we label fear, shame, anger, desperation or depression. But what is aware of me-thoughts and me-feelings? What am I—stressful ideas and inner disturbances--or that which is aware?

As you do self-inquiry and rely on higher reasoning (direct experience) for the answers, you open to receiving the experiential  answer to this question.  Clarity allows taking action based on the living turnarounds, so that what am I becomes a living realization.

Inquiry is to look deeply, and see—who is the “me” that gets attached to or is overwhelmed by thoughts? Who buys into the protection racket of anger? Who has emotional buttons, and lives a life trying to prevent them from being pushed? Emotional buttons such as these:

"I cannot bear the feeling of emptiness."

"I'd rather die than suffer embarrassment."

"Being rejected would crush me."

Questioning the emotional self who is unhappy, afraid, upset, reveals a mistaken identity. Mistaken identity is the root of suffering. When this root is truly seen, it loses believability and power over your life.

How can just asking questions change "me" and end pain?

Byron Katie: The cells are intelligent. They all have the same information. As you get this inquiry, they just let go, and release, and they are left without the story—the portions of the story you’ve realized.

So there’s a new identity taking shape, one without these fearful thoughts. And you get to work with whatever fearful thoughts are left. And then, you lose those. And eventually there’s an identity that’s left, that’s like heaven on earth. It’s paradise. Without the nightmare, paradise. That’s what’s left. And it’s so beautiful that it cannot end. It can’t, its infinite!

In the other polarity, the fear polarity, there is the belief in death, and no love, no goodness, no Intelligent and loving order. There is the belief in suffering. Who would we be without the stories that are the cause of this effect we call suffering?

Who would we be without the nightmare? And there’s no choice—we’re either attaching to the nightmare, or questioning it.

Life will bring you everything you need—perfect parents, children, spouse.

There can’t be a mistake—either that or God is a sadist. If you think God is a sadist, you imagine he is saying, “I don’t like you, you get no career.” “I don’t like you, you get an abusive father.” No. God is giving you everything you need to inquire, and set yourself free from the nightmare.


This Immersion explores all five main areas of life where the believed-in me-feeling and me-thought runs the show—where you most easily become emotional and suffer the nightmare.

These areas are:

- Parents/Authority figures
- Health/Body/Appearance
- Relationships
- Work and Money
- God/Love/Truth

Over 9 months, we'll endeavor to see the facts of your life situation—all aspects of these five areas of your life, where you experience emotional reaction based on unresolved emotions. Emotions remain unresolved so long as you hold on to ingrained beliefs about them.

Ingrained beliefs about emotions are like faulty computer programs. Faulty computer programs require exhausting and frustrating workarounds. Faulty ingrained beliefs about your emotions keep you trapped in a life of limitation. Henry David Thoreau described it best when he wrote: "Most men live lives of quiet desperation."

As  you question limiting beliefs, and gain skill in resolving false feelings-of-me, the false self loses credibility—line by line, here a little, there a little—and the limited emotional comfort zone loses attraction. Increasingly, you lose interest in the former hobby of ”exotic suffering," a term coined by my guide, Laura Lucille. You lose interest in investing your life energy into the faulty programs that supported the fictional me.

Here are some of the fundamental facts you will realize from the inquiry exercises which comprise this course:

1. An emotional feeling (a disturbed energy) is not a threat, ever, when it's met with intelligence beyond the mind.
2. It is only the habit to resist a disturbed energy that creates the seeming threat.
3. All disturbed energies, once allowed to have their life from the place of intelligence, resolve organically without effort.
4. Resolved energies are now seen as having no power to command or directs your life; as having no power to compel you to think-and-do robotically.
5. The resolved feeling is not your identity: You are not the outward self who poses as  someone who IS (angry, afraid or depressed.)
6. Most importantly, the intent to resolve disturbed energies/feelings is not to feel better—although that is the effect. The allowing/resolving process reveals a glimpse of your true nature: your unmasked true identity.



MODULE 1,  Break the Spell of Mom and Dad
February 17th—April 6th  

--The 5As—Wanting Approval, Appreciation, Acknowledge Attention and Admiration

--Being Impressioned in Childhood

--Learned Helplessness: The Great Shut-down

--The Psychological 4F (False fight-flight-freeze response)

--Whose Life is it, Anyway?

--Guilt: Resentment  Turned Inward

--Shame: The Tendency to Self-Shame

--Justify, Defend, Explain

--The 3-Second Pause

--Answer Only Yes or No

Teleclass: 6 weeks: February 17th —March 25th

Section A:   6 Sundays,  11 a.m. --  12:30 p.m.  PT  February 17th  -- March 24th, 2019

Section B:   6 Mondays, 5 p.m.  --  6:30 p.m. PT   February 18th -- March 26th, 2019

Practical Partner Work: March 26th – April 6th  Finding and proving the turnarounds; Implementing the Living Turnarounds (Experience living the Truth, not just thinking about it.)


MODULE 2, Break the Spell of Body Identification
April 7th—May 25th

--Unworthiness is an Idea


--Addictions and Compulsions

--Clothing as Costumes

--Wanting Control

--Desperation, Urgency, Emptiness

--Feeling of Unsafety

--“Public” Speaking

Teleclass: 6 weeks: April 7th—May 13th

Section A:   6 Sundays,  11 a.m. --  12:30 p.m.  PT  April 7th  -- May 12th, 2019

Section B:   6 Mondays, 5 p.m.  --  6:30 p.m. PT   April 8th -- May 13th, 2019

Practical Partner Work: May 14th—May 25th   Finding and proving the turnarounds; Implementing the Living Turnarounds (Experience living the Truth, not just thinking about it.)


MODULE 3, Break the Spell of Conflict in Relationships
May 26th—July 13th

--You've Got (emotional black) Mail!

--The Look, The Tone, The Body Language

--Sex as Commodity

--Love or Sentimentality

--Being True to Love

--Fear, Jealousy, Envy, Hatred, Anger

--How to Handle Difficult People


Teleclass: 6 weeks: May 26th—July 1st

Section A:   6 Sundays,  11 a.m. --  12:30 p.m.  PT  May 26th—June 30th

Section B:   6 Mondays, 5 p.m.  --  6:30 p.m. PT   May 27th  -- July 1

Practical Partner Work: July 2nd—July 13th    Finding and proving the turnarounds; Implementing the Living Turnarounds (Experience living the Truth, not just thinking about it.)


MODULE 4 Break the Spell of Lack and Limitation: Money, Work, Creativity
August 4th—September 21

--The Source of Money

--The Power of Affirmation, and What Are You Affirming?

--Confirming Wealth

--Conscious Journaling

--Apathy, Fear, Grief

--Family Inheritance

--Inner Work in the Workplace

--Inner Flow and Outer Flow

Teleclass: 6 weeks: August 4th—September 9th

Section A:   6 Sundays,  11 a.m. --  12:30 p.m.  PT  August 4th  -- September 8th, 2019

Section B:   6 Mondays, 5 p.m.  --  6:30 p.m. PT   August 5th--September 9th, 2019

Practical Partner Work: September 10th—21st  Implementing the Living Turnarounds


MODULE 5, Break the Spell Separation: Getting Help from God
September 22nd—October 28th

--Conscious Journaling: Gratitude, Glimpses, Gains

--Setting Your First Priority

--Addiction to Busyness

--Right and Wrong Questions

--The Life Force

--Inner Body Awareness

--Identification with Objects and Wanting to Die

--Fear, Dread, Unease

--Loving the What Is

--Implementing the Living Turnarounds (Experience living the Truth, not just thinking about it.)

Section A:   6 Sundays,  11 a.m. --  12:30 p.m.  PT  September 22nd--October 27th, 2019

Section B:   6 Mondays, 5 p.m.  --  6:30 p.m. PT   September 23rd -- October 28, 2019

2 LIVE RETREATS (Optional for Members of the Immersion Program, open to Newcomers to TW and EIQ)

#1      7-Day Retreat in Bay Area, CA private home

The Work and EIQ: Transformational Movie Moments
July 19th—25th  2019

#2    7-Day Retreat in Bay Area, CA private home

The Work and EIQ: Transformational Movie Moments:
November 1-7th 2019


5 Modules, Each module includes:

6 weekly telecalls, (attend either Sunday 11 a.m. PT or Monday 5 p.m PT)

Assigned and chosen partners,

2 no extra cost private sessions with each module/10 total for the program

Unique curriculum

Membership in private Facebook page

Facebook support and inspiration.


--Tuition for each module: $697

--Register for individual modules or the Immersion Program

--Immersion Program discount for all 5 Modules, $2997


To register for a single module ($697 each) via Paypal to 


To register for the entire Immersion Package (all 5 Modules) $2997